Museum Shop

Museum Shop

In the Museum Shop you can find souvenirs, selected literature and CDs on the themes of the Middle Ages, monasteries and the Harz - also for children, wine from monastery production and much more.

Museum Guide

The guidebook to the Cistercian Museum Walkenried Monastery provides a wonderful insight into the CistercianMuseum and its exhibition on 128 richly illustrated pages. Available in the Museum Shop and in bookshops. 

Museum Guide Cistercian Museum Walkenried Monastery
Text by Brigitte Moritz and Ortrud Krause 
Photos by Günter Jentsch 
ISBN 978-3-00-030609-9 
Price: € 9.95 

Orders (also for the book trade) via: 
Martin-Luther-Platz 3 | 37520 Osterode am Harz 
Telephone: 05522/ 2202 | Fax: 05522/ 920 182 

Conrad the Monk Guides you through Walkenried Monastery

The booklet for the monastery rally 

Designed by Brigitte Moritz
with illustrations by Manfred Tekla and photos by Günter Jentsch
5th edition July 2017
32 pages
Price: € 4.00


Photo Book Walkenried Monastery Market 2017

Photo Book Walkenried Monastery Market 2017

Around 100 pages
Price: € 10.00


Welterbe im Harz

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